28 Best Audition Songs for Les Miserables


With a variety of role types and acting styles, auditioning for a production of Les Miserables or something close to it can be a nerve wrecking experience. Capturing the distinct characteristics of the character and ensuring you maintain chemistry with the actors around you is just one aspect to being successful in your role. Be prepared for your next audition by using one of the following audition songs for Les Miserables.

A Heart Full of Love
At the End of the Day
Attack on Rue Plumet
Building the Barricade
Fantine’s Death
I Dreamed a Dream
Inkeeper’s Song
Javert at the Barricade
Javert’s Suicide
Little Cosette
Marius and Cosette
One Day More
Rue Plumet
The ABC Cafe
The Bargain
The Beggars
The Cafe Song
The Cart Crash
The Docks
The Final Battle
The First Attack
The Night
The People’s Song
The Robbery
The Second Attack
The Sewers
The Wedding

Here are some highlights from one Les Miserables audition at CYT Lafayette.