STRIKE A CHORD: A Music Discovery Funhouse

January 26, 2013, noon - 6 p.m.

Strike A Chord offers chance to explore and enjoy Portland's music community  

The Portland Music Foundation and Portland's Downtown District partner to offer free music discovery funhouse at Ayslum on Jan 26

PORTLAND, MAINE - On Saturday, January 26th, the Portland Music Foundation (PMF) and Portland's Downtown District (PDD) present Strike A Chord: A Music Discovery Funhouse at Asylum (121 Center Street).  The free event runs from noon to 6 pm and features interactive music exhibits from local studios, labels, musicians, photographers, and more.  Families, aspiring musicians, and up-and-coming bands can jam out at the instrument petting zoo, design their own screen-printed poster, enjoy the local music listening station, get their photo taken at the Rock 'n' Roll Photo Booth, and more.  There will also be DJ sets throughout the day, and a 3 pm open mic session, where participants can leave with a professionally-recorded CD of their performance. 

Strike A Chord also coincides with PDD's Portland On Ice midwinter festival, taking place January 25 through February 2.  During these dates, PDD will be highlighting downtown live music events throughout the week, and offering downtown winter activities at Tommy's Park on February 1 and 2. 


Portland has become known as a destination for world-class music, from our vibrant local scene to the headlining national acts that have embraced our city such as Mumford and Son's and the Black Keys.  Strike A Chord celebrates our city's love affair with music, and will give musicians and fans, young and old, a chance to experience the thrill of creating music, making art, and discovering your new favorite band. 

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